There are 7 Laboratories. 1 AV aids room and 1 sports room in the college. Well equipped spacious and ventilated class rooms/Labs as per the norms of U.P.State Medical faculty,Lucknow and Indian Nursing Council , New Delhi.

  • Fundamental of Nursing Lab
  • Anatomy Lab
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Community Health Nursing Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Pediatric Lab

Community Health Nursing Lab

Students can learn maternal and childcare in the hospital so that they are well equipped and aware of urban and rural healthcare problems so that they can deal with the same.

Fundamental of Nursing Lab

It has all the necessary teaching aids and is well equipped with all materials required for the understanding of the fundamentals in healthcare.

Anatomy Lab

Various organ models and anatomical charts are available as teaching aids for the understanding of the fundamentals in healthcare.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab facilities are available in the institute of nursing for practice along with real time training at for patients where students can gain knowledge for practical purpose.

Advance Nursing Skill Lab

In this lab students can practice and learn advance skills like administration of tube- feeding, tracheostomy, gastrostomy, I.V. injection, BLS, newborn resuscitation model, etc.

OBG & Paediatric Lab

The lab is equipped with instructional videos and DVDs, supplies and equipment as well as practice manikins and pelvic models. It provides students with a realistic, simulated clinical environment to practice and demonstrate competency of selected nursing skills.